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Matthew Graybil and Rhiannon Banerdt

A Concert Souvenir Video

Watch and enjoy Chopin’s Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 1 transcribed and performed by Rhiannon Banerdt and Matthew Graybil. This “Concert Souvenir” was taken from the live stream of our March 13, 2022 Chopin Project concert at St. Boniface Episcopal Church, in Siesta Key, Florida. Please leave a comment here.

Chopin’s Last Prelude — Opus 45

“If the stars should appear but once every thousand yearshow man would marvel and stare” —Ralph Waldo Emerson As we know, Chopin, like Mozart and Beethoven before him, and Liszt among his contemporaries, was one of the greatest improvisers before the public. How his improvisations sounded, either public or private, in the darkness of his […]

A Beautiful Chopin Birthday Tribute

Happy 212th Birthday “Frycek.” Enjoy this beautiful and moving video that brings to life Chopin’s early years in 19th century Warsaw. You see where the young “Frycek” lived and hear details of his family, friends, personality and musical progress. Produced by the City of Warsaw for Chopin’s Bicentennial Year in 2010, the video interweaves scenes […]

Paris Museum - Chopin

The Chopin Project®: An Introduction

The Chopin Project® strives to connect a global community focused on the work of composer Fryderyk Chopin. It began and continues as the evolving blueprint of its founder, Frederick Slutsky, who is determined to make Chopin’s music more accessible to listeners and music students worldwide, through a variety of web and social media sources, a […]