The Chopin Project®: An Introduction

The Chopin Project® strives to connect a global community focused on the work of composer Fryderyk Chopin. It began and continues as the evolving blueprint of its founder, Frederick Slutsky, who is determined to make Chopin’s music more accessible to listeners and music students worldwide, through a variety of web and social media sources, a host of free listening platforms, live concerts, and especially student outreach events.

This website devotes its central effort to making Chopin’s timeless music easily available in one place and free of charge to anyone, virtually anywhere on the planet. The ability to Search, Sort, and Listen to all his music — from classic favorites to underperformed rarities and even “lost” editions — is becoming ever more attainable as we add to the Complete Works and Playlist library. Our opportunity to offer a curation of all of Chopin’s works performed by stellar living performers as well as revered, dead masters, will gain, we hope, a continuing or renewed — perhaps even a first — appreciation of his magical music.

Chopin Project® is a unique component of the continuing worldwide celebration of Fryderyk Chopin’s life and legacy. It has grown to offer several robust, interactive online destinations as well as a live concert series largely centered on Florida’s west coast, dedicated to promoting the discovery, research, inspiration and pure enjoyment of Chopin’s complete works, those of his contemporaries, those who influenced his work, and those he influenced.

Since its genesis in 2007, where it began as an ambitious live concert and symposium series, The Chopin Project® has become a comprehensive, interactive user-focused enterprise. It fulfilled a unique role in the worldwide Chopin bicentennial celebration in 2010. The Chopin Project Facebook community is open to all.  Those preferring Twitter can follow @chopinproject, and those on Instagram can follow @thechopinproject. Also available is something unique: I Can Play Chopin,” ten new arrangements of Chopin’s music for late beginner to late intermediate piano students, offering very early accessibility to music Chopin never intended for players of modest ability.

Enjoy the music!!

P. S. We welcome your ideas!!