You can enjoy yourself, g

You can enjoy yourself, get bored, laugh, cry, do anything you like, and no-one takes any notice because thousands here are doing exactly the same…You find here the greatest splendor, the greatest filthiness, the greatest virtue, the greatest vice..They really are a queer lot here! As soon as it gets dark all you hear is street-vendors shouting out the titles of the latest pamphlets, and you can often buy three or four sheets of printed rubbish for a few sous, with titles such as ‘How to Get and Keep a Lover’, or ‘Priests in Love’, or ‘Romance of the Archbishop of Paris and the Duchesse de Beery‘, and a thousand similar obscenities, often very wittily put together. Honestly, one can’t be surprised at the way of making a few pennies that they think up. I must tell you that there is terrible poverty here and little money about. You meet with crowds of beggars with menacing looks on their faces..