2/17/20. To be rescheduled: Spellbinding Ukranian-born pianist, Inna Faliks present “Polonaise-Fantasie — The Story of a Pianist” in music and words in Sarasota.

Feb 17, 2020. Inna’s “Polonaise-Fantasie” — The Story of a Pianist is a critically acclaimed international success — the hybrid of a piano recital and an autobiographical monologue, which Inna considers the most personal project she has ever done.

Inna Faliks is a spellbinding Ukrainian-born pianist with a glowing international reputation. Her story chronicles her life’s path: her family’s emigration to America, her seminal early influences and her evolution as an artist. And it’s also her love story, as she is reunited as an adult with the childhood friend who is now her husband.

Each “chapter” of her saga — dramatically narrated by Inna — alternates with a beautifully played masterpiece that is closely connected to her life story from childhood onward. Music and words combine to spin a powerful and moving tale

Music by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Freidlin, Mozart, and Paganini — Words by Inna Faliks. Find tickets here.